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Books, CD ROMs and learning packages produced by EDB are for sale at the Centre. CRC users can preview the products at the Centre and approach the CRC counter for purchase.

Title Year of Publication Price Stock
常用字字形表 二零零七年重排本附粵普字音及英文解釋
List of Graphemes of Commonly-used Chinese Characters - 2007 Re-arranged with Cantonese and Putonghua Pronunciations and Simple English Explanations
2012 112.00 Available
積累與感興 - 小學古詩文誦讀材料選編(修訂) 2010 126.00 Available
中英對照香港學校中文學習基礎字詞 Lexical Items with English Explanations for Fundamental Chinese Learning in Hong Kong Schools 2009 114.00 Available
點畫流形:漢字學習軟件 Path to Mastery of Chinese Characters: Chinese Character Courseware 2009 86.00 Available
Chinese Language Education Key Learning Area Supplementary Guide to the Chinese Language Curriculum for Non-Chinese Speaking Students (English Translated Version) 2008 16.00 Available
小學中國語文建議學習重點(試用):聆聽、說話、閱讀、寫作、語文學習基礎知識 2008 10.00 Available
中國語文教育學習領域 - 中國語文課程補充指引(非華語學生) 2008 18.00 Available
致知達德 - 小學中華傳統美德語文學習軟件 Path to Moral Excellence - Primary Chinese Language Learning Software on Traditional Chinese Virtues 2008 90.00 Available
從簡入繁 - From Simplified to Traditional Characters Traditional Chinese Character Courseware (Based on the Chinese version released in 1999) 2008 66.00 Available
通繁達簡 - From Traditional to Simplified Characters Simplified Chinese Character Courseware (Based on the Chinese version released in 1999) 2008 66.00 Available
中學中國語文建議學習重點(試用):閱讀、寫作、聆聽、說話、語文學習基礎知識 2007 7.00 Available
中國語文教育學習領域 - 中國語文課程指引(小一至小六)2004 2004 9.00 Available
中國語文教育學習領域 - 中國語文課程指引(初中及高中)2001 2001 12.00 Available
從簡入繁 1999 新版 繁體字學習軟件 2.0版 1999 108.00 Available
通繁達簡 1999 新版 簡化字學習軟件 2.0版 1999 108.00 Available
通達學普:中小學普通話自學軟件 Path to Mastery of Putonghua: Self-access Learning Software on Primary and Secondary Putonghua 2009 102.00 Out of Print
香港小學學習字詞表 2007 104.00 Out of Print
通情達意:中小學中文實用寫作學習軟件 Learning Software on Practical Chinese Writing at Primary and Secondary Levels 2006 100.00 Out of Print
童心童趣:兒童文學教學參考資料選編 Curriculum Resource Package on Children Literature in Primary Chinese Language Education 2006 150.00 Out of Print
默書新路向 : 創意、挑戰、愉快、自學 - 家長小錦囊 2006 7.00 Out of Print
中小學中文實用寫作參考資料(試用) Reference Materials on Practical Writing for Primary and Secondary Chinese Language (trial version) 2001 12.00 Out of Print

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