Centre Regulations


General Regulations for Using the Central Resources Centre
  1. Please be considerate.
  2. Users should follow the instructions on the proper use of the Centre as displayed in the Centre or given verbally by Centre staff.
  3. Eating, drinking, smoking and sleeping are not permitted in the Centre. Users are only allowed to use mobile phone in the “Telephone Zone”.
  4. Users should not move any facilities or furniture in the Centre without the Centre’s authorization.
  5. Reference books, periodicals, publications and resources produced by the Education Bureau, Quality Education Fund Project products and dictionaries are only for reference in the Centre.
  6. Users should not damage the resource materials or other items in the Centre.
  7. Users must not take any materials out of the Centre without prior permission from the Centre staff.
  8. Users are requested to show their belongings when they activate the security alarm at the Centre exit or at the request of the Centre staff.
  9. Users are fully held responsible for any legal consequences arising from copyright infringement when using the photocopying machine in the Centre.
  10. Computer facilities in the Centre are for the use of educational research purposes by teachers, parents, and staff of the Education Bureau. Users should not use the computer facilities in the Centre for viewing obscene materials and playing online computer games. Nor should they use the computer facilities in the Centre for online transaction or any online activities that involve the using or disclosing of personal information. Users are fully held responsible for any legal consequences or loss.
  11. Any improper use of the center resources, including delivery of private tutorials, will not be allowed.
  12. Children are not allowed to use the computer facilities in the Centre on their own anytime except when a parent accompanies their child to use the computer for educational purposes.
  13. Photographing, video shooting or sound recording in the Centre are not allowed without prior permission from the Centre Manager.
  14. Users should take care of their belongings. The Centre has the right to remove any unattended personal belongings that are found in the Centre. The Centre will not be responsible for any loss or damage to any personal belongings in the Centre.
  15. Users should dress properly. Slippers are not allowed in the Centre.
In the case when a user violates the above Centre regulations, Centre staff has the right to ask the user to leave the Centre.
Anything which, in the opinion of the Centre Manager or Centre staff, may interfere with the proper use and management of the Centre is not permitted within the Centre.
*Include tertiary students who are taking course in education
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