Borrowing Services



Borrowing Privileges and Terms:


After successful application for the Central Resources Centre (CRC) borrowing card, serving teachers, teaching professionals, student teachers, EDB staff and parents can borrow 15 items of library resources for a loan period of 28 days. Each loan item can be renewed once.



Type of Borrowers

Loan Period

Loan Limit


Serving Teachers

28 days

15 items


Teaching Professionals


Student Teachers


EDB Staff






Local registered schools that offer full curriculum to students can enjoy the block loan service. They are entitled to borrow the Centre's resources and place the borrowed items at school for teachers' use with the borrowing privileges stated below:


Type of Resources

Loan Period

Loan Limit

General Collection

6 weeks

30 items


** Resources are only available for block loan after they are placed on shelf for 3 days. Renewal is NOT allowed for block loan items to ensure a faster circulation and efficient use of resources.




Applying for borrowing services:


Serving teachers, teaching professionals, student teachers, EDB staff and parents should submit their applications along with the required documents stated in the application form. Application forms can be downloaded at CRC website.


Parents must provide proof of their child/children who is/are studying in Hong Kong, such as a school stamp or student handbook.


For serving teachers with a valid Education Bureau e-Services account, they can borrow the Centre's collections with their account, without the need to show the Centre’s borrowing card. For other registered users, the CRC borrowing card will be issued. They are required to present their borrowing card when borrowing resources. The borrowing card will be valid for one year or any duration at the Library Manager's discretion.


Schools applying for block loan services should submit their application to the Centre. The block loan application form can be downloaded at CRC website.





Borrowing Rules



It is the responsibility of a borrower to provide correct information to the Centre. In case of any subsequent change of his/her particulars, especially the email address and school information, the borrower should notify the Centre.



The borrowing card is not transferable. In case of loss, user should inform the Centre immediately and submit an application for a replacement.



The Centre staff may restrict or preclude the loan or use of any materials where necessary for their preservation or in the interest of the majority of Centre users.



All materials to be borrowed must be checked out and be returned to the counter on or before the due date.



All circulation reminders, such as hold pick-ups, recalls and overdue, are dispatched to the borrowers through email. It is the borrowers' responsibility to check their emails regularly.



A reminder will be sent to the borrower by email 3 days before the due date. The first overdue notice will be sent to the borrower by email when the book is overdue, and the second overdue notice will be dispatched one week later. Borrowers who repeatedly fail to return loan materials on time may result in the termination of their borrowing right.



Borrowers should check if the books they borrow are in good condition before leaving the Centre. Borrowers should reimburse the Centre the full cost of lost/damaged item(s).



The Library Manager reserves the right to amend any of the above listed rules according to circumstances.

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